Charity Determination Letters

Eagles Memorial Foundation 501(c)(3)
Eagle Village 501(c)(3)
FOE Charity Foundation 501(c)(3)
Grand Aerie 501(c)(8)

The Fraternal Order of Eagles works hard to raise millions of dollars each year for a variety of causes. If you would like to make a donation to one of the many funds contained within the F.O.E. Charity Foundation, please send your donation to:

F.O.E. Charity Foundation
1623 Gateway Circle South
Grove City, OH 43123

All checks should be made payable to F.O.E. Charity Foundation with the designated fund labeled in the MEMO line.

Donations for the F.O.E. Memorial Foundation or Eagle Village MUST be addressed to either the Memorial Foundation or Eagle Village. Checks made payable to Charity Foundation for the intended purpose of benefiting either Memorial Foundation or Eagle Village WILL be returned.

If you have questions regarding the F.O.E. Charity Foundation, contact or call 614.883.2200.