Ekso Project

F.O.E. Ekso Project

As of 2009, there were 42,000 Veterans receiving medical  care for spinal  cord  injuries (SCI) from the VA in this country. These men and women volunteered to serve their country and were severely wounded in combat. Now, we have the opportunity to do something to give back. Something that will allow them to stand up and walk. Something that will allow them to stand up and give their loved ones a proper hug and kiss. Something that  will  extend  their  lives  and  reduce  their  medical problems and expenses for the rest of their lives. Take a minute to watch the video above to fully understand the impact the bionic exoskeleton equipment can have on these brave men and women, their spouses and their children.


Benefits of Using the Exoskeleton

  • Better bowel and bladder function. This will help reduce urinary tract infections, a common problem for people in wheelchairs.
  • Physiological and psychological gains. The ability to find their personal height again and being able to stand and hug their loved ones gives a great emotional lift.
  • The increased movement of muscles.
  • Prevents joints from locking and growing together
  • Pressure sores are relieved and avoid becoming infected. Skin Breakdowns are reduced.
  • Digestive system shows improvements.

Please schedule a Spinal Cord Injury benefit at your Aerie and make it a point to invite and include your local Veterans groups. Then invite them to become members. Be sure to play this video at your fundraiser so everyone can see the benefits to the users of this equipment. When your event is complete, please send the funds raised to the Grand Aerie and earmark them for “Spinal Cord Exoskeleton Fund”. Each time enough funds are raised, we will purchase another unit for a rehab facility where a veteran will receive use of it. We plan to determine where the biggest needs are and equip that area first. All units we purchase will include the FOE emblem.

To date, the F.O.E. has donated four Ekso GT suits throughout the United States. Facilities currently utilizing suits donated by the F.O.E. include:

  • Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota - Since May 2016
  • Long Beach Veterans Affairs Hospital, Long Beach, California - Since March 2017
  • CHI Health System, Omaha, Nebraska - Since August 2017
  • Younker Rehabilitation Center, Des Moines, Iowa - Since July 2018

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