Grand Presidents

Tom McGrath

Grand Worthy President
Vergennes, Vermont #3801

Helen Poehner

Grand Madam President
West Hamilton, Ohio #3986



Tom McGrath

Thomas L. “Tom” McGrath, Grand Worthy President of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, joined the organization on October 22, 1962 and is currently a member of Addison County Aerie #3801, in Vergennes, (ver-jens) Vermont. He holds dual membership in Aerie #3946 Orlando, FL & Cypress Hut #4509 Okeechobee, FL.

Brother Tom served as a Worthy Trustee, Secretary and Membership Chairman of Addison County and as State Worthy Secretary for Vermont until he made his permanent residence in Palmetto, Fl., in 2015.

His strong leadership and dedication to the Order was rewarded with a year of service as Vermont State Aerie President in 1992 and was followed up with a year as Northern New England Regional President in 1993. Brother McGrath joined the Grand Aerie as Grand Worthy Conductor in 1995 and was elected to Grand Worthy Chaplain in 1999, continuing on four years as a Grand Trustee.

He returned to the Grand Aerie in 2009 as Grand Treasurer and in 2012 as a Grand Trustee for 3 more years while serving as Co-Director of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center fundraising project as well as Grand Trustee Liaison to the DRC.  Brother McGrath served three terms in the House of Representatives, Vermont State General Assembly, resigning to become a fulltime Eagle.

He retired in 1995 after thirty-five years with General Electric Co and Martin-Marietta Aerospace as Manager of Research & Development, Production Control.

He and his wife, Peggy, have two sons, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and representing the Grand Aerie.

Helen Poehner

Helen Poehner, Grand Madam President, joined the Eagles in 1972 and is now a member of Hamilton (Ohio) West Auxiliary #3986. She currently holds dual member status at Cheviot (Ohio) Auxiliary #2197.

Since joining the Eagles, Sister Helen has been a highly involved member, serving several years in many chairs as a member of the Ohio State Auxiliary. Her rise through the chairs led her to become Ohio State Madam President for the 2009-2010 fraternal year.

She was a member of the Ritual Team winning both State and National competitions and started their Memorial Team at Butler #407 in Hamilton, Ohio. In 2011, she joined the Grand Auxiliary as Grand Madam Conductor.

Sister Helen has served as a CASA Volunteer for the Butler County Juvenile Court and has worked on fundraisers for the Habitat for Humanity program. She retired from her job as a legal assistant to attorneys in Hamilton and Oxford, Ohio in 2004.

Sister Helen and her late husband, Grand Aerie and Ohio State Hall of Famer Jack Poehner, have four children and seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She has attended all but two International Conventions since 1973 and has been to every Ohio State Convention since 1973.

Grand Presidents' Charities

Tom McGrath

DRC Drug Development - Bridge To The Cure

Throughout his year, Grand Worthy President Tom McGrath will be raising money to benefit the development of drugs to treat diabetes at the Diabetes Research Center. Funds raised by Tom during the fraternal year will be used to head the development and testing of experimental drugs in an effort to find a cure for diabetes. 

Donations should be made payable to: F.O.E. Charity Foundation with GWP Project noted on the memo line of your check.

All donations can be sent to:
F.O.E. Charities Department
1623 Gateway Circle S.
Grove City, Ohio 43123

Helen Poehner

The Fraternal Order of Eagles Alzheimer's Fund

Sister Helen's main charity will be the Fraternal Order of Eagles Charity Foundation's Maynard Floyd Alzheimer's Neurological Fund.

Donations should be made payable to: F.O.E. Charity Foundation with GMP-Alzheimer's noted on the memo line of your check.

Tri-State Honor Flight

Tri-State Honor Flight collects donations which are used to fly veterans of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War to the respective memorials in Washington, D.C. at no charge. 

Donations should be made payable to: F.O.E. Charity Foundation with GMP-Honor Flight noted on the memo line of your check.

All donations can be sent to:
F.O.E. Charities Department
1623 Gateway Circle S.
Grove City, Ohio 43123

Tom McGrath

Tom's travel schedule is updated to the Web site on a monthly basis. For more information on Tom's travel, please contact the Grand Worthy President's Office at 614-883-2198 or at

If you are interested in submitting photos or memories of Tom McGrath's trip to your Aerie, please send memorabilia to Tom's historian:

Bobbi Drozanowski
7319 W. Villa Theresa Dr.
Glendale, AZ 85308

Helen Poehner

For more information on the tour, please contact the Grand Madam President's Office at 614-883-2168 or at

If you are interested in submitting photos or memories of Helen Poehner's trip to your Auxiliary, please send memorabilia to Helen's historian:

Carol Jakubowski
4444 Fairview Dr.
Toledo, OH 43612





Past Grand Worthy Presidents

Year Name
1898 John Cort*
1899 John W. Considine*
1900 H.R. Littlefield*
1901 Del Cary Smith*
1902 Del Cary Smith*
1903 Timothy D. Sullivan*
1904 John F. Pelletier*
1905 Hy D. Davis*
1906 E.W. Krause*
1907 Theo A. Bell*
1908 B.J. Monaghan*
1909 Frank E. Hering*
1910 Thomas F. Grady*
1911 Frank E. Hering*
1912 William J. Brennan*
1913 Thomas J. Cogan*
1914 Conrad H. Mann*
1915 William L. Grayson*
1916 Rex B. Goodcell*
1917 Carl G. Winter*
1918 A.B. Duncan*
1919 Elbert D. Weed*
1920 Elbert D. Weed*
1921 John M. Morin*
1922 Herbert I. Choynski
1923 Howard N. Ragland*
1924 Otto P. Deluse*
1925 Charles C. Guenther*
1926 Michael O. Burns*
1927 L.V. Westerman*
1928 Edward J. Ryan*
1929 Charles J. Chenu*
1930 Robert E. Proctor*
1931 J.C. Canty*
1932 Henry J. Berrodin*
1933 George Nordin*
1934 George F. Douglas*
1935 George Nordin*
1936 Dr. H.B. Mehrmann*
1937 John W. Heller Jr.*
1938 Dr. Fred C. Dilley*
1939 John A. Abel*
1940 Charles P. McCann*
1941 George C. Tank*
1942 Lester H. Loble*
1943 Robert W. Hansen*
1944 John W. Young*
1945 Edward F. Poss*
1946 James W. Bryan*
1947 E.J. Balsiger*
1948 DeVere Watson*
1949 G.A. Farabaugh*
1950 William Hornblower*
1951 William P. Wetherald*
1952 Ray A. Rhode*
1953 Robert W. Hansen*
1954 Carl McGriff*
1954 James Cheetham *^
1954 Walter J.S. Laurie *^
1954 John J. Rice *^
1955 Maurice Splain Jr. *
1956 Lawrence Leahy*
1957 Martin Mol*
1958 Andrew J. Halloran*
1959 J. Phillip Bigley*
1960 Leo V. Connell*
1961 Paul N. Hoffman*
1962 Carl Thacker*
1963 Herschel McWilliams*
1964 Harry E. Burns*
1965 Max F. Schroeder Jr.*
1966 D.D. Billings*
1967 William A. McCawley*
1968 Harry B.A. Ford*
1969 Steven V. Thomas Jr. *
1970 Maynard Floyd*
1971 Ken Stewardson*
1972 J.C. Mitchell*
1973 James J. Bailey*
1974 Lewis Reed*
1975 Joseph E. Fournier*
1975 Arthur S. Ehrmann*^
1976 Clyde J. Schmieg*
1976 Michael T. Gaffney*^
1976 Al T. Williams*^
1977 Anthony Angelo*
1978 D.D. "Doc" Dunlap*
1979 Leo Lentsch*
1980 Kenneth Amsbaugh*
1980 Paul E. Eichman*^
1981 James I. Mason*
1982 Ben E. Packard*
1983 Peter Scagnelli*
1984 Russell E. Clark*
1985 B.J. Sims*
1986 Jerry W. Wilson*
1987 Vincent Cherry*
1988 Laverne T. Weber*
1989 Dale E. Webster*
1990 Ken Cross
1991 John Lester*
1992 Sherm Spears*
1993 Henry M. Funk*
1994 E.L. "Bud" Collett*
1995 George F. Ziebol
1996 D. R. "Jim" West
1997 William "Bill" Blum*
1998 Andrew Vollmer*
1999 Larry Hanshaw
2000 W.P. "Pete" Harty*
2001 Ed Bollenbacher*
2002 Fred E. Smith
2003 Wayne D. Clark
2004 Orville "Sonny" Crawford
2005 Chris Lainas*
2006 Robert "Bob" Wahls^
2007 John Potter
2008 Jim Roberts
2009 Mike Lagervall
2010 Phil Tice*
2011 Mel Fry
2012 Ron Stine
2013 David Tice
2014 Elwin "Bud" Haigh
2015 Chuck Lang*
2016 Jerry L. Sullivan
2017 Thomas McGrath
2018 H. Carl Burnett
* - Deceased
^ - Honorary

Past Grand Madam Presidents

Year Name
1952 Alta Smith*
1952 Kay Guy*
1953 Mary Dunn*
1954 Carol Bennett*
1955 Virginia Turner*
1956 Chloe Honeycutt*
1957 Elizabeth Baum*
1958 Stella Moorehouse*
1959 Lois Nelson Fargo*
1960 Adaline Navarra*
1960 Georgia Walker*^
1961 Evelyn Schreier*
1962 Cora Rigg*
1963 Isabel Vallie*
1964 Juanita Dix*
1965 Frances Vanis*
1966 Kay Williamson*
1967 Nora Belle Goodman*
1968 Alta Lewin*
1969 Yvonne Magnan*
1970 Dorothy Wilding*
1971 Ruby Bigoni
1972 Lucille Lewis-McGovern*
1973 Vera Dailey*
1974 Imogene Harac*
1975 Clara Johnson-Harding*
1976 Verna Funke*
1977 Delores Cloclough*
1978 Bonnie Quatkemeyer*
1979 Ruth Elderbrook*
1980 Millie Johnson*
1981 Paula Wilson*
1982 Doris Anderson*
1983 Bess Lenarduzzi*
1984 Marcella James*
1985 Jacquelin "Jackie" Spahn
1986 Joanne Rott*
1987 Catherine Wilson
1988 Jean Dockall*
1989 Kathy Gonzagowski*
1990 Barbara Cyphers*
1991 Shirley Johnson
1992 Alta Haslow*
1993 Joyce Avery
1994 Iris McDermott
1995 Lorraine Grimes*
1996 Carol Inge
1997 Sharon Sabourin
1998 Doris Bateson
1999 Linda Heffner
2000 Judy Sanders
2001 Bettie Williams Clark
2002 Carleen Corum
2003 Peggy L. Carver
2004 Pat Lazenby
2004 Dottie Beattie*^
2005 Roxann Alley McGovern
2006 Stephanie Smith
2007 Margaret Cox
2008 Pat Durham
2009 Jean Kerr
2010 Mary Myers
2011 Gwen Stallkamp
2012 Sally Villalva
2013 Katie Ziebol
2014 Gloria Mason
2015 Penny Skinner
2016 Judy Johnson
2017 Helen Poehner
2018 Althea Lane
* - Deceased
^ - Honorary


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