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The Members-Only section of is exclusive to members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in good standing and features Membership Recruitment tools, Forms & Logos, Compliance Information, access to your Membership Benefits, Membership Reports and more!

Aerie/Auxiliary Support

Discover more about how to operate your Aerie/Auxiliary, how to submit By-Laws, Officer Duties, Trial Process and more


Aeries & Auxiliaries have variety of requirements they must meet to remain in compliance with the Grand Aerie. Our Compliance page outlines these steps and provides the resources necessary to see them to completion.

New Aerie & Auxiliaries

Help our Order grow by using the information provided to get a New Aerie or Auxiliary off the ground in your community.

Forms & Logos

Find all necessary operational forms to help your Aerie & Auxiliary remain successful or download official FOE logos for use by the Aerie & Auxiliary.

Grand Aerie Officers

Learn more about your current Grand Aerie & Grand Auxiliary Officers with bios, photos and more.

Membership Benefits

Eagles members have access to a variety of savings through our official affinity partners. Save more on your car insurance, hotel stays, rental cars, life insurance, prescription medications and more!

Membership Surveys

Each month, the Grand Aerie surveys our newest members to learn more about why they've joined and what they expect from their first year as an Eagle. Browse our monthly archives to learn more about effective ways your Aerie/Auxiliary can recruit and retain members.

Membership Reports

Look through our monthly database of Membership Reports for more information on areas of growth, which Aeries are successful in reaching their goals and how close the F.O.E. is to meeting their annual Membership marks.

Text Alerts

Sign up for Grand Aerie text alerts and receive the latest news and information regarding Convention, programs, membership contests, Net Gain efforts and more! Don't miss out - sign up today!