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Welcome to the New

As you may have noticed, we've made some significant changes to Due to a large amount of feedback from our members regarding the user experience of the previous version of the site, we've made some alterations to increase your user experience.

Major changes include:

  • Streamlining our navigation system. Many of you brought up the difficulty in finding what you need, so we've reorganized content on the site in a way that we believe will make it easier than ever to find what you need.
  • An improved news tool. Our new News page allows you to sort by category and find out the latest about what's going on with the F.O.E. Additionally, each charity or program with specific news items will have a widget in the right sidebar allowing you to see the latest news related to that topic.
  • Our blog! Many members expressed a desire to hear more from Grand Aerie Headquarters leadership about what you can do to better build a successful Aerie and Auxiliary. We will be updating this blog with words from your Membership Director, Grand President's Assistants, Marketing Director, Grand Aerie Leadership and more!
  • A refined Members-Only section. The previous version of the site featured a bloated Members-Only section packed with items that had no need to be kept behind our Members-Only wall. Our current section features only items which need to remain exclusive to members, while other items have been placed on their appropriate public pages.
  • A dedicated Compliance page. Keeping your Aerie and/or Auxiliary compliant with the Grand Aerie is one of the most important tasks in our Order. We've created a page dedicated entirely to the Compliance process, the steps involved and how you can work to stay in Compliance.
  • Grand Presidents Page. On the previous version of our website, the various bits of information regarding our current Grand Presidents was scattered throughout the site. We've created one page to hold all of that information, making it your one-stop shop for awards, bios, charities, tour dates and more for our Presidents. 

We hope you enjoy the revisions we've made to the site. is for YOU - and we want you to have the most enjoyable online experience we can offer. If you notice anything you'd like to see different, please let us know at and we'll bring your suggestions up for consideration.

- The Grand Aerie Headquarters Staff

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