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Making The Most of the Fall

For many, Fall is the most beautiful time of the year. With the weather cooling down and football in high gear, it provides all of our Aeries and Auxiliaries with a wonderful opportunity to showcase who the Fraternal Order of Eagles are and bring new members into the fold. 

The social aspects of our organization are unparalleled and we encourage everyone to make use of your patios, your social rooms and more to give your family, friends and neighbors the chance to enjoy the Fraternal Order of Eagles. 

In addition, we hope everyone is in the midst of planning their food drives for this year's People Helping Pantries campaign. We've collected more than 120,000 food items and more than $50,000 in cash donations over three years and we're excited to watch those numbers grow this October as a part of our annual campaign.

If you plan events for the fall months, let us know at and send photos from your events so we can share this information with your community.

Don't let this wonderful season go to waste - bring new life to your Aerie/Auxiliary with a big membership event!

Zack Timmons
Marketing Director

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