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A Message From Our Membership Director

From the April 2017 issue of Soar

Hello Brother and Sisters,

As we sit here with just a few months left in our fraternal year, we ask for your help in reaching NET GAIN – an accomplishment we haven’t reached since 2003. The Grand Aerie Office has cleaned up the rosters twice this year (once in April and again in September) in an effort to provide Our Great Organization with a more accurate picture of our current membership.

With your hard work, we continue to sign members, helping us get closer to our goal of Net Gain. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of us are signing at least one member. A few pages back in this issue, we talk about EMOAMA (Every Member Owes A Member Annually). If each member signs a member, our Order has the best chance of growing. So if you haven’t signed a member, the next two months provide a great opportunity to do so.

We will be running a Re-enrollment contest from March 1 to May 31. Contact your local Secretaries and ask if you may contact former members or reach out to friends you may know who did not renew their membership for one reason or another. Tell them what’s going on in the Aerie and Auxiliary and encourage them to come back. The contest will randomly draw from a winner in each Region’s Aerie and Auxiliary to receive a $250 prize.

This Fraternal Year, GWP Jerry L. Sullivan, GMP Judy Johnson and your Grand Aerie and Auxiliary Officers have spread the word on the importance of Net Gain. One thing you can do to make sure our retention efforts are stronger is to make sure each of our Brothers and Sisters are receiving a Dues Reminder. The Membership Department is working hard on a more cost effective and professional Dues Reminder to help you in these efforts. Be on the lookout for this new letter reminding you to pay your dues by May 31.

Next year, our Incoming Grand Presidents are already busy working on their Goals to inspire us to strive even higher to grow this wonderful organization. This can only be achieved through your continued hard work. It’s time to go Back to the Basics and have each of us ask our circle of friends, family and neighbors to be part of something that continues to do great work throughout our communities.

See you at the International Convention.

-Vince Kinman, Membership Director

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