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Eagle Village Officially Opens New Rec Center

On February 23, Eagle Village unveiled a bigger, better recreational center for residents, members, and guests to enjoy. The project, which has been under construction for the last few months, features more than 5,000 sq. ft. on the inside, and 1,200 sq. ft. for the covered deck outside. The rec center features one large open space for gatherings and celebrating events, such as birthdays and holidays, instead of the old structure’s multi-room layout.

Members of the Grand Aerie and the Eagle Village board were on hand to cut the ribbon on the new building, including Grand Worthy President Carl Burnett and Past Grand Worthy President and Eagle Village board member Jerry L. Sullivan. 

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Merry Christmas from Carl & Althea

Brothers and Sisters,

It’s the giving season - what better way to celebrate the holidays than by putting that charitable energy back into your community.

As we celebrate the holidays with our beloved family and friends, we should take the time to reflect on the charitable acts that took place in 2018.

Throughout the 2017 and 2018 fraternal year, more than $3,600,000 was donated to the Charity Foundation. Which is an impressive feat that exemplifies your hard work and selfless dedication to helping others.

Help Us Help Paradise Eagles #2960

Earlier this month, Paradise Eagles Aerie #2960 was lost due to the devastating Camp wildfire that ravaged Northern California. Members of the Paradise Eagles have lost homes and other possessions and are just beginning the process of picking up the pieces and starting a new.

In recent weeks, Chico Eagles #218 has assisted by welcoming those without a home into their Aerie and providing them with meals each day and a safe place to lay their heads at night.


Eagles, Iowa Formalize Bridge To The Cure Project

On Tuesday, October 30, The Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) Board of Grand Trustees met with leadership from the University of Iowa to formalize the F.O.E.'s Bridge to the Cure project, which aims to translate research projects at the F.O.E. Diabetes Research Center into new medications to help alleviate the effects of diabetes.

With the new agreement, the F.O.E. Diabetes Research Center staff, led by Director Dr. E. Dale Abel, will form a committee, including one Eagles member, to recommend research projects for trial drug testing. Once a recommendation is made, it will be passed along to the F.O.E.'s Board of Grand Trustees, who will determine whether or not to issue a grant from the F.O.E. Diabetes Research Center Fund to facilitate the trials. 

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GWP Burnett Fills Grand Aerie Officer Vacancy

Due to the unfortunate passing of Grand Trustee John Noldan, a vacancy was left in the Grand Aerie officer positions. To fill this vacancy, Grand Worthy President Carl Burnett, in concurrence with the Board of Grand Trustees, has made the direction to move all current sitting officers beneath the vacancy, up one position and to fill the vacancy at Grand Outside Guard with William “Bill” Stotko of Everett, Wash., Aerie #13.

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Grand Trustee John Noldan Passes Away

Brothers and Sisters,

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Grand Trustee John Noldan, 66, of pancreatic cancer. 

John was a proud and dedicated Eagle, firmly committed to upholding the Ritual and serving the Fraternal Order of Eagles in every way he could. He is survived by his loving wife, Kat, four children and nine grandchildren. 

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Dallas Aerie #3108 Dedicates BBQ Competition to Fighting Human Trafficking

For the past six years, Dallas Aerie #3108 has hosted their annual BBQ competition. However, last September, they decided that everyone’s love of BBQ should be leveraged to help a good cause.

Due to fellow Eagles member Chad Frymire’s involvement with Dallas Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and his board position on the North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking (NTCAHT), Dallas #3108 decided that all funds raised during the BBQ would be donated to NTCAHT.

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Tarentum #699 Donates $10,000 For Fire Training Room

During a regular Auxiliary meeting last February, Tarentum Eagles Auxiliary #699 decided as a group that they wanted to make a big impact in their local community. Looking for a large project to help fund, local firefighter Bill Williams from Citizens Hose Fire/Rescue/EMS told Auxiliary Treasurer Ruth Jordan about the station’s plan to build a fire safety training room.

Jordan then spoke with Station Chief Sean Jones about the project. Jones said the station had been wanting to build a training facility for a couple of years since there are no proper facilities in the area, and others are expensive and can be difficult to get access to. 

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Eagles Celebrate 120 Years of Community Service

On February 6, The Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) celebrates 120 years of community service.

The F.O.E. began in 1898, when six Seattle-area theater owners came together to share their passion for social progress and a dedication to philanthropy with the greater community.

120 years later, the F.O.E. continues to work hard to bring citizens together in the name of bettering communities and raising funds to assist friends and neighbors in need. From the creation of Mother’s Day, Social Security and Medicare to the hundreds of millions of dollars donated to various research and assistance organizations across North America, no life has been left untouched by the actions of an Eagle.

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Our Grand Presidents Wish You A Very Merry Christmas!

Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season. For the Fraternal Order of Eagles, this season truly exemplifies our commitment to charity and community service.

During the holiday season, we send care packages to troops serving overseas through our Operation Eagle program, which is funded exclusively by our members. Across the United States and Canada, our 1,500+ locations organize holiday fundraisers, plan children’s parties and shopping sprees, and donate their time and money to help feed families in need. We always make it an organizational priority to give our best to those most in need each Winter.

Currently, we’re on track for a successful membership year, however we must continue to work hard to recruit new members and meet our goal of Net Gain +2%. To help reach our mark, we’re asking everyone to “Give The Gift Of Membership” this holiday season by reaching out to someone you know who is contemplating membership with the F.O.E. and paying their first years dues.