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Aerie Introduces New Sure Shot Ritual Competition

Attention Ritualists! 

Are you a Ritualist that cannot get enough members to form a team from your Aerie or a B-3 team member with other members of Aeries? 

Are you a Ritualist that knows one or more positions, but not all five chairs, to be able to feel comfortable competing in the Shotgun class? 

In our continued effort to have more Ritualists competing at the International Convention, the Grand Aerie has granted permission for a Sure Shot Class. 

What is Sure Shot class you ask? This class of competition allows Ritualists to sign up for the position(s) they are willing to perform at competition, and the Ritual Committee will create teams from the pool of entrants. 

Because the goal is to increase the overall number of participants, those Ritualists who know all five positions will have to choose between the traditional Shotgun Class and the new Sure Shot Class. However, to ensure that all Ritualists who enter the Sure Shot Class will have the opportunity to compete, we are asking the Shotgun Class entrants who would be willing to serve as a proxy participant, to let us know their interest as well. 

Sign up today to become one of the first participants in this new Ritual Class!!

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