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2018 Early Bird Contest Winners

The Grand Aerie would like to thank everyone who participated in this year's Early Bird Membership Contest by renewing their dues for 2018-19 by March 26. Membership is the driving force behind the Fraternal Order of Eagles and it is only with your help and participation that we can remain one of North America's most storied and influential fraternal organizations. Thank you for showing your loyalty by renewing early!

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Eagles Celebrate 120 Years of Community Service

On February 6, The Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) celebrates 120 years of community service.

The F.O.E. began in 1898, when six Seattle-area theater owners came together to share their passion for social progress and a dedication to philanthropy with the greater community.

120 years later, the F.O.E. continues to work hard to bring citizens together in the name of bettering communities and raising funds to assist friends and neighbors in need. From the creation of Mother’s Day, Social Security and Medicare to the hundreds of millions of dollars donated to various research and assistance organizations across North America, no life has been left untouched by the actions of an Eagle.

Membership Department Announces Re-Enrollment, Early Bird Contest Winners

Earlier this year, the Grand Aerie Membership Department held a pair of contests geared toward growing our Membership. The Re-enrollment contest was held from March 1-May 31 with members receiving one entry for each re-enrollee they sign during the period. Winners will receive $250.

The Early Bird contest was held from April 15-May 31 with the Aeries and Auxiliaries achieving the highest percentage of renewals and the highest number of renewals receiving a $1,000 credit on their next Per-Capita Tax payment.

The Membership Department is proud to announce our contest winners!

First Time Proposer Contest Winners Announced

Earlier this year, the Grand Aerie Membership Department held their inaugural First Time Proposer contest from Dec. 1 – Feb. 28, offering $250 to Aerie and Auxiliary winners from each of our 16 regions. Each first time proposer during the period received an entry into the contest, with the winner in each region selected at random. The Membership Department is proud to announce this year’s winners: