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Dallas Aerie #3108 Dedicates BBQ Competition to Fighting Human Trafficking

For the past six years, Dallas Aerie #3108 has hosted their annual BBQ competition. However, last September, they decided that everyone’s love of BBQ should be leveraged to help a good cause.

Due to fellow Eagles member Chad Frymire’s involvement with Dallas Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and his board position on the North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking (NTCAHT), Dallas #3108 decided that all funds raised during the BBQ would be donated to NTCAHT.

The BBQ competition consisted of 16 teams and the public paid $10 for an unlimited all-you-can-eat wristband. Baked goods and raffles were also being sold during the competition, and the Aerie received sponsorship from local small business owners.

At the end of the competition, local "celebrities” from the community  judged the final table, which included pit masters from local BBQ restaurants, a city councilman, and a professional corporate cook.

This was the first fundraiser held by the Aerie, and they ended up raising $6,000 from the event.

From the money raised, some of the proceeds were used to start an annual education scholarship for survivors of child sex trafficking (CST). Also, the Aerie decided to give the Champion of Freedom Award to someone who has played a substantial role in CST.

Through their connections, the Aerie and CASA were able to get Governor Gregg Abbott to come to the Dallas CASA office where they presented him with the Champion of Freedom Award for his efforts to combat human trafficking on the state level. During the award ceremony, University of North Texas and human trafficking survivor Tiffani Price was presented with a scholarship with funds from #3108 and CASA.

Gov. Abbott announced new plans to fight trafficking by creating a “do not hire” registry for teachers and school employees who have inappropriate relationships with students. He also unveiled a plan to increase punishment for convicted human traffickers.

 “The Aerie worked hard and is extremely proud at all that was accomplished.  Bringing together our members, the community, and all these great organizations was amazing,” Frymire said.  “The fact that what the Aerie accomplished through our fundraising brought the Governor of Texas to Dallas was huge for 3108. Personally, it was one of the highlights of my career.”

Due to its success, the Aerie BBQ Competition has decided to partner with the NTCAHT on an ongoing basis.  They plan on growing the event to provide stronger returns for scholarships and also highlight someone every year for the Champion of Freedom Award. 

“The F.O.E and the NTCAHT are in a position to create a unique and lasting partnership that will bring education to the public and funding to help those agencies that fight this horrible crime,” Frymire said.

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