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DRC Director's Report - May 2019

E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD, was elected as the president-elect of the Endocrine Society in October of 2017. At the annual scientific meeting of the Endocrine Society in New Orleans, Dr. Abel was sworn in as the Endocrine Society’s newest president. His one year presidential term began on March 20, 2019.

Dr. Abel is honored and humbled to serve as the first president of the Endocrine Society from the University of Iowa.

With greater than 18,000 active members, the 100-year-old Endocrine Society is the largest global membership organization representing professionals from the field of endocrinology. Physicians, scientists, researchers, and educators comprise the majority of the Society’s membership, who come from 122 countries, with 40 percent located outside the United States.

While in office, Dr. Abel will continue implementation of the four key tenets of the strategic plan. Dr. Abel states, our focus is on building community and leadership; serving as a trusted advisor and advocate; accelerating scientific and clinical innovation; and championing the professional. Along with implementing these goals, we will be considering the governance task force’s recommendations for how best to align the Society’s governance with the strategic plan.

In addition, Dr. Abel is dedicated to doing the right thing by keeping the organization’s focus on research. Research—both clinical and, importantly, basic science research—represent an important underpinning of the Endocrine Society, which needs to continue to remain robust and strong.  This will nurture an environment that fosters productive collaboration and interactions between these groups, which is essential to the core identity of endocrinology.

The Endocrine Society is a leading organization in the world dedicated to endocrine and diabetes education and research.  It is indeed an honor and privilege to follow all of the inspiring past presidents and to have the opportunity to work with the Society’s dedicated members and staff as we endeavor to improve the health of individuals around the globe with endocrine disorders, of which diabetes is the most prevalent.  As the president-elect of the Endocrine Society, I promise to remain wholeheartedly dedicated to finding a cure.

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