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Eagle Village Hurricane Ian Update

Earlier this week, Hurricane Ian struck the western coast of Florida, impacting many communities, including Bradenton, Fla., home of our Eagle Village. 

While Eagle Village suffered some extensive damages, we’re happy to say that there were no injuries to any of the employees or residents and the Village should be back to normal in due time. 

73 of the units have been without power since Wednesday. The Eagle Village offices, recreation center and 12 cottages currently have electricity and around 20 residents are currently residing in the recreation center.

The Village has many downed tree branches, a few trees split in half or knocked down and one large uprooted tree which is currently leaning against one of the units. Many of the units suffered from shingle loss and as a result, several have water leakage inside. Several aluminum carports have been damaged with one completely collapsed. In addition, debris from the storm is covering the property. 

Three couples in the donation cottages from Petersburg, Va. #882, have been helping out and the village residents have banded together to cook meals and clean up in the true spirit of People Helping People. 

While most of the damage is fixable, it will take time, money and an extensive amount of work to get everything fixed up. 

We ask everyone to consider making a donation to Eagle Village to help offset repair costs not covered by insurance, so we can get this amazing community back to normal as quickly as possible. 

If you’d like to make a donation, checks can be made payable to Eagle Village and sent to FOE Grand Aerie Headquarters, 1623 Gateway Circle South, Grove City, OH 43123. 

Please continue to keep Eagle Village, its residents and the millions in Florida affected by Hurricane Ian in your thoughts and prayers.

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