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Message from Grand Worthy President Ron Malz

Brothers & Sisters,

Over the last few weeks, the problems faced by the Fraternal Order of Eagles due to the coronavirus have been unprecedented. 

We entered March strongly on pace for our second consecutive year of Net Gain, then – suddenly – things came to a screeching halt. Our Aeries closed, we were unable to recruit and initiate new members and several of the annual events we all look forward to were unable to take place. 

It has been a struggle not being able to hit the road and see my fellow Eagles in action, raising money for charity and promoting the true spirit of fraternalism. However, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to shine through and many of our communities are returning to at least a small bit of normalcy. 

Now is the time for us to take charge and help our communities, our neighbors and our fellow Eagle Brothers and Sisters. As your Grand Worthy President, I want to help you lead that charge. If your Aerie is permitted to open and would like to host a visitation, please contact the Grand Worthy President’s Office at 

It would be an honor to come meet with your current and prospective members and begin setting a course that leads the F.O.E. forward through the wake of this pandemic. 

I would also like to encourage our Aeries to reach out to our existing members who are struggling during these difficult times. Lend a helping hand when possible, whether it’s through donations of money, food, clothing, providing a warm meal, paying their dues for the upcoming year or simply reaching out to let them know you care. We are all family and it’s important that we support each other through these tremendously trying times. 

I know this path hasn’t been easy, but we will continue to fight, like we always do, and we will emerge on the other side stronger than ever, ready to show the world why Eagles will forever be People Helping People. 

God bless all of you and I hope to see you along the Eagle trail very soon! 


Ron Malz, Grand Worthy President


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