People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.


Pueblo, Colorado - June 2020

With store shelves ravaged because of the Coronavirus, Pueblo West Colorado Aerie #4471 made arrangements with their supply wholesaler to let their members order meats, paper towels and toilet paper, and other essentials through the Aerie. A few of the members separated the orders and delivered them to members' cars once a week.


Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan - June 2020

On Sunday, June 21, 2020 Moose Jaw Aerie #3395, held its first meeting after being closed for 3 months. During the Aerie meeting, Auxiliary Madam President Darlene Beaudin made a donation on behalf of Moose Jaw Auxiliary #3395 in the amount of $5,000 to Aerie President, Randy Wetaski, to assist the Aerie with the payment of the yearly property taxes as the Aerie has been without revenue for a few months. They said they are so proud to be a club that works together.

Rochester, Michigan - May 2020

Rochester Auxiliary Rochester Auxiliary #2634 was chartered in "1952" in Rochester, Michigan. They are very proud to say that they have one remaining Charter Sister, Verna Pennanen. Verna has been a member for 68 years. This auxiliary planned a surprise birthday party for Verna's 100th birthday. The Michigan State Auxiliary in attendance were: Clara Arnold, State Vice President, Patricia Murney, ECRP and State Secretary, Carol Palen, Past State President and Rochester Auxiliaries Secretary, Cynthia Fletcher, State Trustee and Debra Gagneau, State Inside Guard. The Mayor of Rochester was also in attendance. Member Clara Arnold presented Verna with a dinner, certificate, cake, and gifts.

Victoria, British Columbia - May 2020

Victoria Aerie #12 has been assisting the local senior homes by partnering with the Victoria Eldercare Foundation to help them provide elderly residents with iPads and tablets. This allows seniors to connect with family members through video chats with maintaining social distancing. The Aerie's $1,500 donation received a matching grant from the Royal Bank of Canada and contributed to a total amount raised in the community of $20,000.

Wellington, Ohio - May 2020

A month ago, the Wellington Eagles #2051 had the idea of giving back to the community with a food drive. Plans were made and it was determined that the Aerie would match up to $1,000 in cash contributions. When the event posted, Aerie member, and local business owner, Steve Neff of Wellington Music stepped up and donated the first $1,000. That inspired Eagles Trustee Bill Schramm to match that contribution with $1,000, from his business, Schramm’s Shirts & Cards. On hearing of the generosity of fellow business owners, David King of King Realty contacted the Eagles and added another $1,000. The Wellington Eagles added an additional $1,000, for a total of $4,000 in contributions for the Aerie food drive. On Saturday May 16, 2020, volunteers collected food and donations for Well Help. The food drive was deemed a success – they were able to bring in $4,398 in donations, half a trailer of food, supplies, and toiletries were collected for the Wellington Well Help food cupboard. At the end of the day the Wellington Eagles chose to contribute an additional $4,000 to the event, bringing the total contribution to $12,398.00.