People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.


Naples, Florida - February 2020

Golden Gate Eagles #4028 was awarded with a plaque for supporting the ‘Naples Take a Solider Fishing,’ program. Over the years, the Aerie and Auxiliary has raised $50,000 for this organization, and has made it their primary annual fundraiser. When the program first started, the event hosted 35 soldiers, but now the event is able to bring more than 180 troops and more than 90 captains for a weekend of fun and fishing. 


Springfield, Missouri - January 2020

Queen City Aerie #3934 presented a $3,000 check to Smitty’s Midwest Boxing Gym. The gym is run by Darrell Smith, and it helps at-risk kids in the community learn leadership and discipline, as well as, equipping them with self-defense classes, survival training, and guidance on personal protection. Kids are required to maintain a B average to be eligible to train, and the gym offers tutoring and internet to help the children succeed. 


Fond du Lac, Wisconsin - January 2020

Fond Du Lac Eagles #270 Wisconsin opened its hall to co-host the Fond du Lac Community Christmas Dinner program on Christmas Day. This year the program celebrated its 20th year and the 4th year it has been held at the Eagles Club. The Community Christmas Dinner is free, open to all, so that no one has to be alone on Christmas. This year 608 meals were served which included dine-in and delivered meals for the home-bound. This program is completely volunteer driven and receives its funding from donations and fundraisers.  

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