People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.


Fond du Lac, Wisconsin - January 2020

Fond Du Lac Eagles #270 Wisconsin opened its hall to co-host the Fond du Lac Community Christmas Dinner program on Christmas Day. This year the program celebrated its 20th year and the 4th year it has been held at the Eagles Club. The Community Christmas Dinner is free, open to all, so that no one has to be alone on Christmas. This year 608 meals were served which included dine-in and delivered meals for the home-bound. This program is completely volunteer driven and receives its funding from donations and fundraisers.  

Castlewood, Virginia - January 2020

Clinch River Aerie #3305 held their 7th Annual White Christmas event, where they provided ‘Christmas’ for 160 children from 45 local families in need. Each child was given a new outfit, socks, underwear, pajamas, a coat, a blanket, a pair of shoes, and a toy from their wish list. The family was also given a complete turkey dinner and extra food to get through the days the children are not in school. In addition to what the Aerie provided, Santa handed out treat bags and stuffed animals to the children during the event as well. 

Alamogordo, New Mexico - January 2020

Challenger Eagles #4101 hosted their 4th Annual Bill Fulmer Memorial Christmas Baskets event, where they were able to provide 50 families with baskets. They used $5,000 from their charity committee to purchase the items for the baskets, which included a ham, turkey, canned vegetables and fruits, eggs, stuffing, potatoes, macaroni and cheese and more. This year, #4101 had all the baskets together in a record of 35 minutes and they partnered with their local grocery store for discounts on the food. This event was originally started over 20 years ago by a member, Bill Fulmer. Sadly, Bill passed away 4 years ago, so the event was renamed in his honor, and continues to grow.  

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