People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.


Brunswick, Ohio - January 2019

300 community volunteers gathered at the Brunswick Aerie #3505 to participate in the organization’s 42nd annual Christmas Baskets program. Diane Bokar, event chairwoman, said roughly $20,000 was raised to help provide 27 families in need with a combination of food staples, gift cards and Christmas presents. “The list is pretty substantial, enough food to fill their pantries for a good while, probably two to three months, plus the gift cards to replenish when they need to,” Bokar said. In addition to the food supplies and Christmas presents, each child also received a winter coat, hat and pair of gloves. Brunswick Hills Police Chief Tim Sopkovich said the police department enjoys a healthy relationship with the Brunswick Eagles. “The Eagles help us out immensely,” Sopkovich said. “They fill up our food banks, so we utilize this food all year-round and give it back to people that are in need in our community.”


Stillwater, Oklahoma - January 2019

Stillwater Eagle Riders #4277 presented Central Oklahoma Adult and Teen Challenge with a $3,000 donation. The ATC center offers a one year program to help teen boys and men that are heading down a path of drugs and alcohol with a chance for a new start.

Stillwater Eagle Riders #4277 hosted a fundraising benefit for Kynlee, where they were able to raise $2,800 and give her and her family a collection of pop tabs to help pay for medical treatments, along with a series of presents. Kynlee is a 3-year-old suffering from Moyamoya Disease, which is a rare progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain.


Lebanon, Pennsylvania - January 2019

Lebanon Aerie #472 donated $10,000 to the North Annville Police Chief Matthew Bartal and 911 Rapid Response Owner Mark Sallada’s 911 Rapid Response Project. According to Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc., 148 police officers were in killed in the U.S. in 2018, and the 911 RRP’s purpose is to help prevent officers from being killed in the line of duty. More than $11,000 in equipment will be distributed to each police department, the county detective bureau and sheriff’s office based on need and size of the department. It will include: Pouches with first-aid materials like a chest seal, gauze, bandages, trauma shears, a tourniquet, a hemostatic agent to control bleeding, active shooter vests, and ballistic helmets.


Marceline, Missouri - December 2018

Marceline Eagles #726 donated $1,370 to Wreaths Across America. They also sold $281 worth of raffle tickets, and donated those funds to Wreaths Across America. 

Marceline Eagles #726 presented the Food Pantry Administrator Bill Toops with a $500 check for the Marceline Food Pantry. 

Marceline Eagles #726 gave a $500 grant to the Linn County Humane Society, in conjunction with Allstate Insurance.

Morris, Minnesota - December 2018

Morris Aerie #620 made a $700 contribution to the Morris Area High School toward the purchase of a new wrestling mat for the Morris Area Herman Chokio Alberta wrestling program. 

Morris Aerie #620 donated $750 to support the habitat and youth hunting programs in west central Minnesota. 

Morris Aerie #620 gave $1,100 to support the local D.A.R.E. program in the local elementary school. 

Morris Aerie #620 made a $125 donation that will go toward materials for elementary students so they can learn more about fire prevention.