People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.


Vernon, British Columbia - August 2018

Vernon Aerie #3557 hosted the provincial convention in honor of Klara Schubert, the Provincial Madam President for the 2017-2018 Fraternal year. For Schubert’s Breast Cancer charity, $21,630.25 was raised from various proceeds including selling ladybug pins, and a special raffle at the convention. Schubert plans to purchase equipment for the Vernon Jubilee Hospital, specifically a Mammotome Gamma Probe instrument.


Penticton, British Columbia - May 2018

The Penticton Eagles #4281 have donated a combined $12,700 to Penticton Regional Hospital, including almost $3,700 to the SOS Medical Foundation’s efforts to support the delivery of quality health services. The funding will also cover areas such as Oncology, Pediatrics, Cardio, Diabetes and Kidneys, and the Moog & Friends Hospice House. Since 2015, the Penticton Eagles #4281 have now donated more than $45,000 to the Medical Foundation’s tower campaign. The provincial government has also approved the naming of the “Fraternal Order of Eagles Room” in the new tower, set to open in April 2019.