People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles
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Owensboro, Kentucky - December 2018

Yellow Banks Aerie #4168 PSP John Shively presented a grant check for $2,500 to Hospice of Western Kentucky, in memory of his wife, Alisa Shively. Alisa just recently passed away. He was so pleased with Hospice and all their staff for being so kind and caring during Alisa’s brief stay. 

Yellow Banks Aerie #4168 PMSP Sarah Just presented a $2,500 grant check to Cornerstone of Louisville for Autism.


Brisbane, California - December 2018

Co-chairs Tracy and Debra Jennings raised $1,003 for Brisbane Eagles #3255’s annual kidney fund. 

Brisbane #3255 co-chairs Kelcey McGurty and Annie Good, held a fun day of Trivia in September and raised $1,025 for the Alzheimer's Fund. 

Brisbane #3255 held a Diabetes Fund dinner, co-chaired by Tony Lujan and Julie Banks. Everyone had a good time and they were able to donate $1,918 to the cause.


Campbell River, British Columbia - December 2018

Campbell River Aerie and Auxiliary #3097 presented an $8,150 check and donated a total of 1,447 food items to their local food back. The money was raised through catering, pie, jam and bake sales, and dinners. 

Campbell River Eagles #3097 donated $5,000 to Kidney Cancer Research. This donation is special because it will be matched, and will turn into $10,000. These funds were raised through pie sales, caterings and a fashion show.