People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.


Somerset, Pennsylvania - May 2018

 Edgewood Aerie #1801 donated:
- $3,000 to the Boswell Volunteer Fire Department. 
- $3,000 to the Jerome Volunteer Fire Department.
- $1,000 to the Somerset County Sportsmen’s League for a youth field day.
- $1,000 to the Somerset Little League. The money will be used to help families that cannot afford the cost for their children to play.
- $3,000 to the Listie Volunteer Fire Co. They plan to use the money to buy new tire for their fire truck.
- $3,000 to the Garrett Volunteer Fire Department.


Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania - May 2018

Mt. Carmel Eagles #464 held its annual Mother of the Year ceremony and awarded the title to Mary Ann (Karycki) Wydra. Wydra is a mother of two and achieved the honor for her parental skills as well as her involvement in the community. She is now the 20th person to be given the honor. Worthy President Robert Belfanti III presented Wydra with a framed citation wishing her and her family best wishes for continued health, happiness and success.

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Somerset, Pennsylvania - March 2018

Edgewood #1801 donated $4,000 to the Somerset Oncology Center and donated another $4,000 to Somerset, Inc.’s fund to help improve art in the town.

-Edgewood #1801 donated $2,000 to Somerset Borough’s holiday lighting fund. 

-Edgewood #1801 donated $5,000 to Gone with the Dogs, which is a nonprofit that is dedicated to training service dogs, home companion dogs and residential companion dogs. The dogs are raised by local volunteers for the Canine Partners for Life.

-Edgewood #1801 donated $2,000 to the Somerset Borough Police Department. The department plans to purchase medical bags for patrol cars with the funds.

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Tarentum, Pennsylvania - January 2018

During a regular meeting in February 2017, Tarentum Auxiliary #699 decided to take on the biggest charitable fundraiser in its history. As a team, they decided to raise the funds for the Citizens Hose Fire and EMS Company, located in Natrona Heights, Pa., to build a fire safety training room for them and surrounding companies to train in.

The room would consist of changing mazes, drop flooring, entrapment areas, breakaway doors, narrow crawl spaces, 40 lb. child-like dummies and more. While in use, the room would become dark and at times could be filled with a special type of harmless smoke to recreate actual fire scenarios. Firefighters would then enter, expected to extinguish the fire and save anyone trapped in the structure, including themselves. The room costs a total of $10,000.

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Lock Haven, Pennsylvania - November 2017

Lock Haven Aerie #4298 provided Thanksgiving turkeys and all the trimmings to four area families. Helping to pack were Brad Rote, Judy Lantz, Secretary Marchal Rote, Bonnie Gradel, President Don Troutman and Vice President JoAnn Bowes. Trustee Charlie Clements helped with the delivery. Their members were extremely generous this year and the dinners included 34 different food items.