People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.


Valley City, North Dakota - November 2018

During the first annual Pitchfork and Hoe Gathering, Greg Hager, pro country entertainer of the year 2018 and member of the Valley City Eagles #2192, donated a free performance for the vendors and people attending the Gathering. The Gathering was a tradeshow with seminars on organic farming - gardening commercial, small scale crops and livestock. A free will breakfast was held to raise money for 4H and FFA youth during the show.

Iowa - November 2018

Iowa State Aerie Officer Bob Beals, retired Master Sgt., had the honor of carrying the remains of one of three veterans laid to rest on July 6, 2018 in Des Moines, Iowa. These three veterans were part of the Missing in America Project (Locate, Identify and Inter - Missing in America Project) which locates, identifies and inters unclaimed remains of veterans. The cremated remains were left unclaimed at the Hamilton’s Funeral Home in the Des Moines Area and are now laid to rest after a ceremony at the Iowa Veteran’s Cemetery.

St. Marys, Georgia - November 2018

-The St. Marys Eagle Riders #4379 conducted a Charity Ride on September 29 to raise $2,105 to support Jason Gardner in his fight with cancer. Jason, the son of Auxiliary Madam President Cheryl Gardner and Aerie Vice President Pete Gardner was overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and couldn’t believe so many strangers would come together to help him. Seeing what the Eagles is about, Jason was initiated on October 15 and hopes to help others as he was helped. 

-On October 13, St. Marys Eagles #4379 celebrated paying off the mortgage and officially owning their building with a giant celebration, which included music, food, and the burning of their mortgage document. The Aerie and Auxiliary came together to honor all the hard work and charity fundraising that has occurred over the past 20 years.