People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles
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Maple Ridge, British Columbia - November 2019

Maple Ridge Eagles #2831 presented $500 to Jennifer Sheehan and Katrina Haintz of Eric Langton Elementary School in support of their student lunch & breakfast program. These funds were raised during their annual golf tournament and bbq fundraiser. They’ve been able to donate $2,350 over the last four years.

Debbie Kennedy and Laura Butler, Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation received a $5,000 donation from Maple Ridge Eagles #2831. These funds were made available by a grant from the Grand Aerie, to be used along with the $6,000 donated by the local Aerie & Auxiliary in July, for the purchase of SD Resectoscope cameras which are used in Bladder Cancer surgery.


Valdez, Alaska - October 2019

Valdez Ladies Auxiliary 1971 Madam President Sheila Jordan, Trustee Chair Alicia Brown and Madam Secretary Carole Derifield presented the Herman Hutchins Elementary School Principal Jayson Webber, teachers and staff, $1,000 for each grade K through 5th, and gave the VCS Pre-school $500. The Auxiliary also presented the Gilson Middle School Principal Rod Morrison $1,000 each for grades 6th through 8th for a total of $9,500 donated to be used for scholarships.