People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.

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Seattle, Washington - July 2019

Henning Ross and Jean Lenox have been long-standing members of Seattle Aerie #1 for decades. Henning is 98 years old and has been a member for 70 years, joining in 1941. Jean turns 91 in August and has been a member for 50 years; she joined the North Seattle Auxiliary in 1961 with Henning’s wife Helen. They volunteered many hours at their Aeries and always enjoyed the Eagle Conventions, Eagle Valley and other clubs where they met many wonderful people along the way and made lifelong friends. Henning and Jean remain friends and keep tabs on each other.
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Port Orchard, Washington - April 2018

Zachary Darner’s little brother got sick as a baby. Wanting children to feel safe in the hospital during Christmas, he decided to start a toy drive. In 2016 Darner ended up distributing 259 toys out of his 50 toy goal. Wanting to continue the tradition, Darner held the toy drive again this year and Port Orchard Aerie #2338 donated 1,500 toys for the cause. The 1,500 toys were part of a large donation the Eagles received four years ago that were not yet been distributed. In addition to the generous toy donation, past President Tom Riedel commended Zachary for his work and made him an honorary Eagle.

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Gig Harbor, Washington - April 2018

Gig Harbor Aerie #2809 celebrated its 70 anniversary where they honored fellow member Eric Asplund. Asplund, 93, has served at his aerie since its installation and is the only living charter member.

(Pictured: The four generations of the Aspland Family, who are all members of the Gig Harbor Aerie – Eric, Harry, Hason, Trisen, Eric’s wife Betty, State President Mike O Conner, Jan O Conner, and Grand Madam President Helen Poehner)

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Washington - Sept. 2017

Many years ago, Dr. Isaac Pope started a friendship with the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Through his many discussions with Eagles, the dream of Pope’ Kid’s Place came to life. The Eagles and Dr. Pope wanted to establish a new Transition/Respite Center for youth. Presidents Ivan Wilson and Charlene Butterfield dedicated their year as State Presidents (2011-12) to the cause and helped raise more than $104,000 for the project. The money was invested with additional donations included as the years progressed. In Sept. 2016, ground was broken on the construction of the center. 11 months later, the facility was officially dedicated to the Fraternal Order of Eagles and named Eagles House. In attendance for the ceremony were Wilson and Butterfield, as well as Eagles Grand Worthy President Tom McGrath.