People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.


Sarasota, Florida - April 2019

Sara-Mana Auxiliary #4424 hosted a weekly fundraising event on Monday evenings called Feather your Nest. In less than 12 months, they were able to give a $5,500 check to Face Autism, which is a nonprofit organization that provides sensory friendly activities, support groups, referral for therapeutic services, structured classes, and other necessary resources for autistic children.

4216 5K Charity Walk 1.jpg

Silver Springs, Florida - March 2019

Ocala Forest Eagles #4216 held their 6th Annual State Presidents 5K Charity Walk to raise money for their State Presidents charities. To help raise more money, the members organized a group of volunteers to get sponsors for the T-shirts by approaching local businesses, and also got over 100 different items like gift cards and t-shirts to raffle off. 

From membership across the state of Florida, #4216 was able to collect over $5,000 in walk sponsorship money. After T-shirt, Raffle, 50/50, Food and T-shirt advertisements sales, they were able to present their State Worthy President Bill Lucik with a check for $4,411.50 for his charity Fairways for Warriors, and State Madam President Melanie Day with a check for $4,411.50 for her charity Florida Hospital for Pompe Disease.


Fort Walton Beach, Florida - November 2018

Panhandle Aerie #4045 stepped up to help those affected by Hurricane Michael. Through donations, and help from others, they were able to donate pallets of water, and approximately 5,000 lbs. of supplies. Additionally, two charcoal/ propane grills were anonymously donated, so the Aerie purchased tanks of propane, charcoal, and lighter fluid, and donated those items to Fire Chief Nicky Lovett of Marianne.