People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.

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Bridgewater, New Jersey - January 2017

In 2004, PWP George Fitzpatrick started what has grown in to a holiday tradition at Somerset Aerie #2137. His idea “The Giving Tree,” embodied the heard of the organization and represented the spirit of People Helping People. That year, and every year since, a decorated Christmas tree has been placed in the foyer with ornaments made of tags with an age and gender written on them. Members choose one or more ornament and return with an age and appropriate gift. Partnering with St. John’s Episcopal Church in Somerville, NJ, which serves as the distribution hub for the gifts, ensures the gifts are provided to families in need. Father Ron works with other churches in the area, as well as hospitals, shelters, and other charitable foundations, to maximize the benefit of the fundraiser. Over the years, the tradition has grown thanks to the hard work of George Faxon, who has taken over the annual effort. The Aerie prides itself on its support of worthwhile causes throughout the community and The Giving Tree touches the hearts of all who hear about it.