People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.

2688 bike training.jpg

Peru, Illinois - August 2019

The Illini Aerie #2688 partnered with their local Police department to host a bike safety rodeo for kids. During the event, the police officers conducted a safety talk about proper road rules and signals, and they made sure that the kids bikes had enough air in the tires , helped adjust seat heights, and showed the children how to properly wear a helmet. After the training, the kids got to run through an obstacle course so they could practice what they just learned. After completing the course, each child received a snack bag and goodies from the police department and a certificate with their name on it for completing the course. The Illini Aerie 2688 hopes to make this an annual event. The Aerie gave away 6 helmets that were donated by the local Police Association.

2569 5k check to nubability.PNG

Carbondale, Illinois - May 2019

Illinois State Aerie President Ray Richards, and Carbondale Aerie #2569 presented a $5,000 state charity check to Sam Kuhnert, CEO and co-founder on behalf of the NubAbility® Athletics Foundation at the Southern Zone Conference held at Granite City Aerie #1126. The NubAbility® Athletics Foundation exists to encourage, inspire, instruct limb different youth (congenital or traumatic amputees) by getting them out of the stands, off the bench and into mainstream sports and is based in DuQuoin, Illinois.