People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.

Clarksburg, West Virginia - July 2019

Clarksburg Auxiliary #2353’s Past Madam President Marsha Whisler was recently honored as “Volunteer of the Month” by the Miley Legal group and WBOY TV. 

Marsha is retired and very active in her local auxiliary, but she spends most of her time crocheting plastic mats for homeless veterans in her area. Eagle members and other friends save their grocery bags and give them to Marsha. She cuts them in strips, ties them together in a ribbon which she crochets into the mats. It takes between 600 and 800 bags to make one mat three feet by six feet. Members of auxiliary #2353 help Marsha deliver them to the local Lewis A. Johnson Veterans Hospital to distribute to their homeless veterans. 

Marsha was awarded a check for $500, which she donated to the homeless veterans. Although Marsha has been legally blind for several years she enjoys many benefits of being an Eagle member. 

She is a 30 year member of Clarksburg and has been active the entire time, serving as an officer, including Madam President and on many committees. She attends auxiliary meetings, locally, and around the state, and is the membership chair.

From the July 2019 edition of People Helping People.

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