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Colonial Beach, Virginia - April 2017

Colonial Beach Eagles #4315 made a generous donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital last month.  As a result of months of planning by benefit committee chairman, Bill Hall, co-chair Rebecca Kinson, and committee members Debbie Bennett, Donna Barnette, Patricia Cochran, Debra Garcia, Carrie Keister, Ginger Roth, Sharon Schellin, and Linda Watts, the F.O.E. was able to donate $12,232 to this worthy cause.  Committee members ran several events to raise funds, including a brown bag auction, buffets during football games, and a prime rib dinner.  This is an annual fundraising effort for the Colonial Beach Eagles.


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital was founded by the late actor, Danny Thomas, in 1962.  The hospital’s web site states, “We’ve spent more than half a century finding cures and saving children, and our groundbreaking research has helped push the survival rate for childhood cancer from less than 20% in 1962 to more than 80% today.”  This is quite a claim and one the Colonial Beach Eagles intends to continue supporting. Some of its members have children and grandchildren who have relied upon St. Jude’s services and research, and all of its members are compassionate to children’s causes and cancer research.

On Saturday, March 18, the benefit committee presented Lisa Diskin, St. Jude volunteer, with the check for more than $12,000.  Lisa discussed the research St. Jude continues to conduct and informed members that St. Jude shares the results of its research throughout the medical community at no charge.

Accompanying Lisa were St. Jude-patient family members, Carly Blaine and her son, Noah. Carly’s daughter, Ellie, was treated at St. Jude.  Carly provided a brief testimony of the care she and her husband experienced during Ellie’s treatment.  Not only did Ellie receive her treatments, but her parents were provided lodging, food, and travel expenses – all at no cost to them!  This enabled both parents to spend this precious time with their daughter. It was heartwarming to hear how the funds raised for St. Jude are and will be used.

Pictured, l to r, front row: Lisa Diskin, Noah Blaine, Bill Hall; second row: Carrie Keister, Debra Garcia, Donna Barnette; third row: Sharon Schellin, Dave Atkins; fourth row: Rebecca Kinson, Linda Watts, Joel Galarneau.

From the April 2017 edition of People Helping People.

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