People Helping People


People Helping People

Charity news from around the F.O.E.


Panhandle, Florida - April 2021

On February 6, Panhandle Eagles Aerie #4045 hosted a fundraiser for brother Mike Fitzgerald. The event was held on a great day as they were also celebrating the 123rd birthday of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. A few years ago, Mike was severely injured when he was involved in a motorcycle accident where he was pinned beneath an automobile. Mike has been in and out of the hospital on numerous occasions, undergoing medical treatment trying to save his right leg. Last year, his medical team determined that there was nothing more they could do. In early December, Mike went through an amputation procedure on his right leg. Thankfully, today he is doing very well. Unfortunately, the last two years placed Mike into a very stressful financial situation. The Aerie's Activities Committee members, under the direction of Ginnie Kameenui, wanted to help Mike reduce his stressful burden. In a very short time, they planned and held a very successful fundraiser and were able to present Mike with a check for $11,150.00.

From the April 2021 edition of People Helping People.

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