God, Flag & Country

God, Flag & Country

Since 1967, the God, Flag & Country Oratory Program has been an integral part of the Fraternal Order of Eagles' drive to build patriotism and instill a sense of pride within our youth. The program invites children between the ages of 10 and 15 to prepare a three (3) minute speech about what God, their flag or their country means to them.

The God, Flag and Country Oratory Program is an excellent way to encourage middle and high school students to learn more about their country, its history and their religion. Each Aerie/Auxiliary is encouraged to sponsor an event and reach out to local schools or youth organizations to increase participation and awareness.

Questions, comments and concerns should be passed along to the Grand Aerie Marketing & Communications Department at marketing@foe.com or by phone at 614-883-2210. Aeries & Auxiliaries interested in participating can download the God, Flag & Country information packet below.



2016 Fraternal Order of Eagles International Convention God,Flag, and Country grand prize winners


2018 God, Flag, and Country Winners

Ages 10 & 11

1st Haven Smith, Georgia      2nd Liana Sargsyan, Ohio   3rd Lyla Seitz, Florida

Ages 12 & 13

1st Clary Minnick, Georgia      2nd Noah Walter, Ohio 3rd Grant Anderson, North Dakota

Ages 14 & 15

1st  Carter Milatovich, Ohio


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