Operation Eagle

Operation Eagle

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Each year, The Fraternal Order of Eagles honors the service of troops across the United States and Canada through the Operation Eagle program. Members of the F.O.E. are invited to nominate a fellow member or child/grandchild of a member currently serving the U.S. or Canada. A limited number of nominees will be selected to receive goods donated from across the jurisdiction to be delivered in time for the holiday season. Nominees can be submitted throughout the year, with selections made in the fall.

In September, Aeries and Auxiliaries are encouraged to send collected items or monetary donations to the Grand Aerie Headquarters. The Grand Aerie recommends interested Aeries/Auxiliaries make check donations made payable to Operation Eagle in order to help tailor each care package to the needs of the selected individual and save our members on the high shipping costs associated with the mailing of a large quantity of goods.

2016 Campaign


Last year, we asked members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles to make donations to our annual Operation Eagle program to assist those overseas this coming holiday season. Eagles stepped up to the plate with $10,000 in donations. On Tuesday, Nov. 15, staff from the Grand Aerie Headquarters headed to the Grove City Wal-Mart to purchase items requested by this year's recipients. Thanks to the generosity of Eagles' Aeries and Auxiliaries throughout the United States and Canada, as well as donations from previous years, we were able to purchase over $11,000.00 worth of goods to send overseas! Thank you to Eagles everywhere and to Wal-Mart for making this fantastic effort possible. Pictured to the right is a photo sent from nominee Trevor Hurles and company displaying some of the many newly opened goods sent to them.


2017 Operation Eagle Nominees


Alexa Hayes


Sponsoring Aerie: Tacoma, Washington #2933

Alexa Hayes is 20 years old and has been serving in Afghanistan for the past year and eight months. She grew up in Battleground, Washington to a large family with five brothers and five sisters and loves spending time with all of them.  Alexa enjoys sports and plays softball and volleyball.  Alexa also takes great pride in serving her country as her father and grandfather did before her.  She is always thinking of others and cares deeply about those serving with her.  She is in the Elite 82nd Airborne Division as a combat engineer in Afghanistan and will be serving until March 2018.  Alexa Hayes was nominated by her grandmother Sharon Hayes of South Tacoma, WA, #2933.


Gavin Wissinger


Sponsoring Aerie: Washington Court House, Ohio #423

Gavin Wissinger is 21 years old and is currently serving in Africa. He is expected to be deployed for at least the next six months.  He recently married his wife Molly shortly before his deployment.  Gavin grew up in Washington Court House, Ohio and attended Columbus State for two years prior to serving.  He has been serving in the Air Force since May 2016 and is enlisted for six years.  Gavin loves dogs and playing basketball and also enjoys playing video games. Gavin has a huge heart and is always thinking of others.  Gavin was nominated by his mother, Kelly Pavey, of Washington Court House, OH #423.


Thomas Chick


Sponsoring Aerie: Columbia, Missouri #2730

Thomas Chick is 21 years old and is currently serving in Japan doing operations off the coast of Korea and is expected to be deployed until June 2018.  Thomas was born in Columbia, Missouri and joined the Marines the day he turned 18, although he didn’t go active until he graduated from high school.  Thomas loves running and ran track and cross country in high school.  He also loves spending time with his family.  One of Thomas’ greatest possessions is a leather Marine jacket Leslie Franklin gave to him after Past Grand Tribunal Chief Justice Rick Franklin passed away.  He wears it in honor of Rick.  Thomas was nominated by his grandparents Wilford and Diane Watson of Mizzou #2730 in Columbia, Missouri.


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