How do we Bid on a International Sporting Event?

Bidding Aeries will need to submit the following:
  1. Letter from Aerie Secretary on Aerie letterhead with the event and year they are bidding on.
  2. Description and photos of Aerie and location of the event.
  3. Availability of hotels.
  4. Access to Airports and major roadways.
  5. Plans for the event.
  6. Prior events held by Aerie or at the location.
  7. Letter from Auxiliary that they are willing to support the event.
  8. If event will not be held at the Aerie, a letter from the bowling alley, sports complex, rental hall etc., will need to be sent showing they will host the event.
  9. Names, addresses and phone numbers of those that will be running the event.
Following the receipt and review of each bid:

Each event is different so following a review of the above information, the director or a committee person would contact the bidder with more specific questions regarding that event and the event requirements i.e. format, fields needed, alleys required, pool tables needed, etc…

The Director will also call the State or Provincial President and Secretary to see if any potential host has any known problems and their thoughts on the location hosting the event.

After all of the above has been received and the necessary calls made a discussion will be held either by phone, or email with the director, the committee and yourself to determine which bidder will be recommended for approval by the Grand Board of Trustees.

Once the Board of Trustees has approved a bidder, the Grand Aerie will send them a letter and information on hosting the event.

Upcoming Sports Events

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